Djebli Translation & Media Services, LLC is a full-service translation and business services firm. We provide translation and interpretation, as well as business and marketing advice, in Arabic and French, along with other languages prevalent in the markets of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. With over 25 years of professional experience, we offer our strong commitment to customer service with integrity and reliability. We strive to provide each customer with friendly and personalized professional service, and we maintain a close working relationship with each client to ensure consistency and accuracy to meet each client’s specific needs.


Since our founding in 1987, Djebli Translation & Media Services, LLC has served over 300 clients nationwide in the US and overseas with interests, programs or presence in the MENA region.

We have earned a reputation as one of the premier language and international media services firms in the US by assisting numerous private, local, state, and federal agencies in bridging the international communications gap and expanding their abilities and effectiveness in multiethnic and international sectors.

We adapt to each client’s requirement through our continued focus on maintaining quality, integrity, and professionalism in all our transactions. Serving clients with the best of our effort has always been our top priority. We are dedicated in our commitment to provide each client with first-rate customer service and ensuring our client’s complete satisfaction. We manage every project through a rigorous quality assurance process conducted by our teams of talented, highly- competent native senior interpreters and translators who are experienced in working on a wide range of projects pertaining to business/marketing/promotion, emergency management, medicine and healthcare delivery, financial/legal, aerospace/military/defense/security, technical, and social services.


Our expertise in translation and multilingual communications, along with our familiarity with industry-specific terminologies, document types, and filing deadlines could vouch for our capacity to deliver complex projects that are flawlessly translated and delivered on time and within budget. Our translations are produced by human linguists, without error-prone automated computer programs.

Our translations are not literal or "dictionary-based" substitutions; they are translated with skill so that the translation conveys all contextual and nuanced meanings suited to the source document and the industry or relevant field. To ensure consistency and 100% accuracy, a client-specific glossary captures and conveys our client’s specific terminology. Our highly sophisticated translation memory tools ensure translation accuracy, faster turn-around times, and cost-saving advantages that benefit our clients.

Our clients appreciate that our document management focuses on language-specific details, such as glossaries, stylistic preferences, appropriate acronyms and abbreviations, and review cycles. Because each project we undertake has unique aspects and varying needs, we tailor our solutions for each client according to our client’s specifications.

We apply the strictest standards of excellence, starting with responsive professionals that would provide you with the best possible customer service. This carries through to our quality control checks on every project. Professional customer service, comprehensive quality control processes, the use of the latest technology, and confidence in the end results are key factors of our philosophy of quality.

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