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Our philosophy is that all clients must be fully satisfied with the experience and with the end result of every product and service we deliver. We are committed to our clients' success. We continuously optimize, implement, verify, and improve our strategies and processes to provide our clients with first-rate customer service. We are keen on enhancing our procedures and thinking of better ways for continuous improvement. Every time we start work on a new project, we thoroughly analyze all information to create a deeper understanding of our clients' goals to meet the client's specific needs. We insure that we coordinate frequently with our client to clarify information or address concerns the client might have. After we complete the project and deliver it on time, we then solicit our client's feedback as a source for continuous improvement.


Smart use of technology is the best way for us to maximize our efficiency. We use the right software tools to solve client-specific challenges. As projects dictate, we use appropriate applications to complement the linguistic expertise of our project-working group. Our CAT technology delivers speed and quality improvements, giving our clients greater consistency, fast delivery, and cost-effective production.

Our Team

Our hand-picked teams of linguists in Arabic or other relevant MENA-focused languages make the difference. The specialized project management teams assembled by Djebli Translation & Media Services, LLC possess both experience in the translation industry and a strong focus on customer service. We can provide you with expert and dependable services in the following areas:

  1. 1) Document Translation: We can provide you with digitized Arabic text that is guaranteed to be accurate and complete, as well as culturally suited and effective with your intended readerships and other target audiences.
  2. 2) Generating and Managing Terminology Database: Because standard terminology varies across the MENA region world, maintaining consistency and accuracy is a major challenge in Arabic-English translation. With over 25 years of experience, we can expertly identify and solve such problems quickly and efficiently while using the latest CAT Tools and instant online access to the project-customized Term Bank, which our project team has developed, verified, and maintains daily.
  3. 3) Providing Quality Assurance: Once our translators complete a draft translation, it is edited and proofread by a second qualified translator with expertise in industry-specific terminologies. Finally, the draft product is reviewed by a senior Arabic translator who uses a checklist to ensure the draft's accuracy, consistency, comprehension, layout integrity, and suitable linguistic style.
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