As a full-service language agency, Djebli Translation & Media Services, LLC works in a variety of traditional, digital, and new media.

We can provide bidirectional language services -- translation and interpreting -- in the following languages:

      Arabic <> English

      French <> English

Our parallel regional languages and cultures include Armenian, Assyrian, Aramaic, Amharic, Azeri, Berber/Tamazight (North Africa), Druze, Kurdish, Pashtu, Persian, Turkish, Tigrinya, Urdu and Swahili.

Our related language- and culture-competent services include:

  1. Cultural advice, training, assistance, pre-departure orientations, and direct operational support.
  2. International Business Development (IBD) – DTMS, LLC bilinguals can conduct market research and produce the following types of deliverables:
    1. A) Business intelligence (find and assess markets in "country X" of interest to a customer)
    2. B) Competitive assessment (inside a selected market and sectors, find what other competing firms are already there in the local market and how successful they are, or otherwise)
    3. C) Marketing & promotion assistance - advice and assistance/production on accurate and effective translations of themes and messages, suitable colors, branding, symbols, markings or logos, analysis of marketing done in popular local media, customers' sensitivities, preferences, motivators, and related factors in how customers reach their decisions to buy and/or refer your firm and product line onward to other prospective buyers.
    4. D) Advice and assistance to a customer on suitable display and collateral/handout materials for international shows, exhibitions, industrial fairs, conferences, product demonstrations, and business visits
    5. E) DTMS is experienced and compliant with nondisclosure agreements (NDA) and similar protective instruments and practices to safeguard customer-sensitive data, proprietary information, contract-sensitive material, and other information or media which require "safe haven"/embargoed and "close hold" treatment and handling, including compliance with regulatory provisions of AECA, ITAR, and MTCR.

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